College, Here I Come!!!

August 19, 2006

I’m off to Ursinus College tomorrow. Moving in around 12. Then who knows what.

Exciting. I guess. I don’t know, I just have that normal mix of anxiety and excitement like before any big event. The feelings, both positive and negative, that always get blown way out of proportion. But it’s always, “maybe not this time.” Yeah, right.

I just saw the movie Accepted. (Great movie, by the way. I definitely recommend it.) It definitely puts an interesting frame around my college experience. I know that college will be nothing like that. I know that college will be better and worse in many ways. But if there’s one thing I could take from the movie, it’s the sense of adventure that all the main characters had. You know, these are the “best years of your life” (bullshit), so why not make them something to remember.

Yeah, that’s what college is for. Memories. And an education. Though the education is just another form of memories.

Cool. On that note, I’ll see you from Ursinus.



One Response to “College, Here I Come!!!”

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