Germane Yet Inane

August 21, 2006

I was going to post something completely inane since I now have the energy to type. Then I realized that this would not be germane to the present situation in the world.

So, out with the inane and in with the germane.

Why? Such a powerful question. One we could use more of. The question that you won’t find in any science lexicon, but in all the philosophical and religious tomes of the world. If we don’t know why to do something, we immediately, regardless of our admittance, lose the power to do it.

In life, always ask the question why. Why is life so difficult? Why can’t I always get what I want? Why do bad things happen to good people and vice versa? Why? Why? Why?

If you ever come back with a satisfactory answer, please tell me. And while you’re at it, sign me up for some tuteledge in the classroom of you. Because I don’t think any of us has all the answers. And if you do, why are you holding out?

So, yeah, life’s one big mystery. One we’re maybe not meant to or not able to fully understand.

And guess what that means? You just  have to dive right in. Bite the bullet (before it bites you on the ass). Go for the gold: worst case scenario, you’ll still have the experience.


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