XC Camp is Over = Yay!!

August 26, 2006

Well, I’m still here to talk about the end of XC camp, so I must be alive. Or maybe I’m undead. I don’t know which.

Anyway you cut it, cross country camp was (literally) kick ass. I felt my ass kicked several times. But I kept getting back on (except for that one time I tried to quit, but apparently [fortuitously] that e-mail got lost in the aether of cyberspace). And I’m so glad I did. I’m in better shape today than I’ve probably been since 10th grade when I ran constantly. Amazing how much a lot of work in one week can do. I mean, I ran for 75 minutes today. I’ve never done that before. Never. Admittedly, I was running REALLY slow, but still, it felt so awesome.

Now I remember how much fun running can be. You just have to be in shape for it to work out. Unfortunately, the out of shape part is incredibly unfun. So, definitely staying in shape for the next four years, especially if I stay with XC. No need to experience this week in the same way again. And if there’s one thing I can do, it’s keep with a well ingrained habit.

Hehehe, and I now can say I’m an “athlete.” Yeah buddy. I even have a “Ursinus Cross Country” t-shirt. How insane is that? Dave Darmon, an athlete. A new label to add to my wall of labels. It feel liberating someone.

I’ll keep you updated on how XC goes through this year. Not that you’ll want me to. But I will anyway. :)

I’ll post more in the next two days. I have most of today off (other than a dinner at 7 and a semiformal at 8:30) and all of tomorrow off (unless I decide to go to a Catholic Mass, which, oh yeah, I’m not Catholic anymore!).

I hope everyone’s enjoying college. Almost everyone’s gone now. Chi’s empty of the best class ever. I hope it doesn’t collapse into some sort of black hole.



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