Why Am I Here? (A Good Question)

August 27, 2006

I suppose at some point I should ask myself why I’m here. You know, here at college. Where I (well, my parents :) ) pay 20k+ dollars per year for me to get an “education.” Whatever that means.

So far, I don’t feel like this is college. I don’t know how I expected “college” to feel like. But it wasn’t this. This just feels like an extended stay away from home. Even after my first “college party” (dude, I was only there for 2 minutes), I don’t get it.

Maybe after class starts. That’s tomorrow. Maybe then I’ll feel like I’m at college. Or maybe that’ll never happen. Maybe in this interconnected digital age, nothing ever feels any different. When I have the ability to talk to anyone at the push of a button, or to relive any moment with the click of the mouse. Maybe modern technology really destroys the illusion of time and difference. It’s all really just the same thing. Over and over again. Really.

Yeah, or maybe I’m just being disillusioned. Negative. Pessimistic. None of that!

I’m still not completely sure about this college thing. Maybe it’ll come to me with time. Just gotta go with the flow until then.

And until then, namaste.


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