Reporting from UC

August 31, 2006

Well, I haven’t been creating much as of late. Lots of consuming though. I’m in major read mode now. Lots and lots of reading. I love it. Now I just need to find the right creative outlet so that I don’t get constipated (yes, that’s right, I’m making the comparison between creation and defecation!).

Oh wait, this blog! Hehehe. Man, I really wanted to make a vblog called, “What I Really Learned In Ursinus.” But I still don’t have my mac back, and therefore I have no camera. But don’t worry, the moment I get that thing back, we’ll have some humorous little stories to tell.

And just in case you forgot what I look like, I’ve included a jpeg of myself for your viewing pleasure. I had to remind myself to smile though. Wow, that shows how much I’m in my head right now (no, I’m not unhappy, I just have kind of disembodied myself the past few days, so I forgot to make my outward appearance more socially polite during the first picture I took. :) ).

Ursinus 8.31.06


One Response to “Reporting from UC”

  1. Dave in the West said

    Dude… that philosophy shit was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I love monty python

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