Wilber in Writing.

September 4, 2006

I highly recommend this free piece of writing by Ken Wilber. I haven’t really been in a Wilberian mode as of late. Too many other authors and thinkers to catch my attention. But then I came accross this little marvel and immediately remembered what I love to so much Wilber. In this work, you’ll find a sweeping intellectual discussion of the implications of money and Axial Age ethics in the modern and postmodern world (it sounds dry, but it really isn’t), along with a good bit of humor and interesting trivia.

Ken Wilber’s writing makes philosophy so approachable, something some people may find unnerving. I for one think that making philosophy easily understood builds a giant bridge into the land of critical thought, somewhere we should all aim for at one time or another in our adult lives.

I hope you enjoy this piece of writing. It only consists of 18 or so double spaced pages. And in those pages you’ll find some marvelous insights.



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