The ‘Duh’ Things

September 8, 2006

This is a really great post on how all the “duh” things (those things that seem obvious at first blush) really shape our lives. Why? Because even though we often “know” the duh things, we rarely enact the duh things in our life.

It’s a “duh” that you should exercise regularly. It’s a “duh” that you should eat right. It’s a duh (for me at least) that you should meditate regularly.

Yet, why don’t we do all of these things 100% of the time. If they make rational sense 100% of the time, that sense should get transferred into action 100% of the time. Something must pop up inbetween rationality and action.

Hm, the emotional connection. We have to associate emotion with the rationality or we get nothing done. “I should get this paper written now. I’ll feel 10X better. But…” Yeah, that’s a duh. Why did you let it get in the way.

This is definitely something worth thinking about. Reminds me of the concept that we all already have all the tools we need to get anything we want. We’re born with most of the duh that we need, and the rest we learn relatively early in life. Everything I needed to know I learned in kindergarten, right? But knowing and doing aren’t the same thing.

This (knowledge vs wisdom) seems to be a major motif of my life. Go figure.



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