Time to Unpack

September 12, 2006

I’ve been doing nothing but reading and working for the past few days. I guess that’s what I should be doing in college. But I feel like ‘unpacking’ some.

By unpacking, I simply mean randomly riffing on whatever comes to mind. Like at this moment, I was thinking about what would be more difficult, writing with pen and paper or on a keyboard. The next thought to occur was “damn, writing on a keyboard is a really complicated process, how the hell do we do it?” I mean, really, think about it. You have to orhestrate 9 fingers (poor thumb on the right hand, it has no purpose…) into a symphony of pushes and holds that eventually lead to the words on this page. Who the hell thought of that? I mean, if someone had told me this is how to best interface with a  computer (is it?), I would have laughed at them. It seems so silly. I can remember learning to type in middle school. I despised it. I couldn’t figure out how to type and I imagined I never would be able. I remember playing Mario Typing on my computer at home to practice. Now that was a fun game!

Speaking of Middle School, yesterday in my humanities class we talked about how our different classes handled 9/11. (Wow, 9/11 was yesterday. Just like last year, I don’t think I have anything to add on that topic other than my compassion and sympathy). Ha. Remember how our school handled it? All tv’s were turned off and we were told not to talk about it. I remember talking about the plane that flew into the Empire State building with two classmates, and some bitch of a kid came up to us and said, “You’re not allowed to talk about that!” Screw you. Kids then were even that far up the “laws” butt to not see the light in front of their face.

And speaking of light, I’ve been loving my humanities class. Why? We’ve been reading the bible, and everyone’s taking stereotypical responses. Admittedly, none of the non-theists in the class have really stood up and freaked out at the theists, but the theists have certainly laid their framework: “How can you not believe it? GOD wrote it!” Ah, the logic of mythology.

Though, I shouldn’t balk too much. I mean, I thought that way just three or so years ago. It’s hard to believe that at one point I thought that Roman Catholicism was the only ‘true’ religion. How could it be any other way? That’s the way I was raised. Heck, I used to get in fights with friends about whether or not I’d indoctrinate my kids (I was then on the side of indoctrination). It’s amazing how far someone can travel in such a short time. And yet at the same time I’m amazed at how few adults have travelled the same distance. I think I’m being arrogant, but sometimes I just have an intuition that I’m right. This is one of those cases.

Anything else? Not really. My mind feels a little better. Like I’ve let off a little steam. But at the same time I could use a lot more blowing off. But that’s what XC is for today. We’re doing sprinting, which means that I’m going to be dead tired come 1830. Sigh. And I’m going to miss House tonight!! Oh no! But thank god for torrents.

Enough of my rambling. Have a nice day.



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