October 5, 2006

You know it’s bad
when you just want to sleep
when all your plans for the future
lay in a giant heap
on the ground, and you realize
that it would be so much easier just to close your eyes

But you choose this state
just like you choose what to put on your plate
if life isn’t exciting enough to keep your attention
how do you except to realize what life really is

if life doesn’t cut it
then what will
and why doesn’t it cut it?

aren’t you just running from the truth
the truth that is so true, it hurts
the truth that life is amazing
and that the only reason you can’t see that
is because you have so many shades over your eyes
to block the brilliance

at one point you could see, and you will see again
but until then, life will seem dull and life-less

and that’s just an illusion, a mask
that reality puts over your eyes
in order to hide

wake up!
are you paying attention!!!


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