An Update (And How to Not Get Depressed)

October 11, 2006

First things first: thanks to all the wonderful swallowing advice (hehehe), I can now ingest a pill with little to no difficulty. I don’t really know what the problem was, but you know what they say about being able to swallow a pill: you never forget, it’s like riding a bike (doh).

Now to the second part. Okay, so, this is probably going to offend someone. But you know what, if you can’t offend someone you love, then who can you offend? And this is a nice anonymous way of offending someone, right? I mean, I could just come out and say that [deleted], but that wouldn’t be very nice! Skillful means, dude!

Anyway, the point I want to make is: if you’re really bored and feeling down, get a hobby. A hobby can be something you do for a particular reason (like learning a foreign language if you’re planning abroad) or something completely random for fun (like learning how to play guitar if you’re planning on being a scientist). In general, a hobby’s something you spend your free time doing. JUST. FOR. FUN.

So, if you find yourself in a sour mood, don’t fret! Just do something. Anything, really! Because otherwise, you’re going to get stuck like stinky, smelly standing water. And nobody wants to be like standing water!

That’s my self-help guidance for the day.

Thank you.

Good bye.

PS – This whole not getting depressed is something that I have a little background on (well, not really, I just like to pretend), so don’t feel offended if this advice stings a little. That’s the point. If it doesn’t sting, it ain’t workin’!


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