A Trip Back in Time: A Trip Back in Chi

October 17, 2006

Well, because Dave requests that I post (:) ), I shall.

I had an interesting experience over the past three days. A really interesting experience. That’s right, I went back to Chi!

Okay, doesn’t seem too interesting? Right? Well, actually it really was. For two reasons: (1) I got to see lots of people I hadn’t seen in 5 months, and (2) I got to experience the weirdness of time, yet again!

First thing first, Chi’s still in pretty good shape. Everyone’s looking good. The seniors have stepped up their game, and stepped up their senior-ness. The teachers are still teaching, though I have to admit I didn’t recognize about half of the math department. But hey, change is a good thing (sometimes). Hi-Q is kind of in tatters, but I guess that happens every few years. I’ll give them a year before I start writing the obit, and I look forward to going to some of the meets. You know, yell out answe… er, give my support.

Now to the strange time thingie. Well, I’m sure you’ve all experienced this phenomena: you go somewhere that you haven’t been in a while (in my case, the high school), and at first everything seems novel. Then, after about, oh, maybe 10 minutes, it feels like you never left the place. EVEN though you haven’t been in class for four months (yeah, I did go into class. It was fun, like reliving those last few days of our senior year when we didn’t actually have any work to do). Literally, I felt transported back to senior year. I just kind of assumed the seniors were juniors, that I would be going back to school the next day, and that I’d be their forever. Yeah, talk about euphoria (not).

It’s been said that dogs have no concept of time. For example, my dog seems real excited to see me after he hasn’t seen me for two weeks, but then after, oh, let’s say, 10 minutes, he’s back to acting like I’ve always been home. Sound familiar? It should. Therefore, my new conclusion is that humans have no concept of time either. Well, we have the abstract concept of time. And then we have the direct experiential concept of time. And they sure as hell don’t agree. Sure, we can “translate” between them, but we can’t take one and directly convert it to the other. In other words, we’re dogs with a few fancy ideas.

Weird. Leads one to wonder if the abstract concept of time is even right. If it so obviously contradicts what we directly experience, could it possibly be right? Maybe all time is Now, and the past and future don’t really exist.

Man, that was the biggest adulteration and oversimplification of Truth I’ve ever seen. :) Just ignore it.

Anyway, to wrap things up, it was great to be home, in Chi. At the same time, weird as hell! I don’t think my mind can deal with many more trips like that, so they’ll be few and far between.

Plus, I have to live my life here. And constantly reliving my life in Chi doesn’t aid that at all.



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