Quote of the Day

October 18, 2006

Ah, emo. Lead it to the black-clad depressives to supplant the frighteningly giant baggie jeans of the previous generation of black-clad depressives (read: goth and nu-metal kids) with their exact opposite: jeans that look like they were spray-painted on, so tight you fear these depressives will never squeeze off a seed into the next generation. Which, in retrospect, might not be such a bad thing ;)

Paul Salamone


2 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Davum said

    Posted twice duesh. Stop being impatient and pressing the button twice.

    Lol, yeah, that is pretty funny, I never stopped to realize that. They basically just where anything that isn’t practical.

    On your chi day thing, all I can say is I can’t wait to come back to everything. I’ve been like all over the midwest and I feel like the world is my home… its going to be so weird when I actually gooo home and see how small it is. I know some things that I’m going to do for thanksgiving break:

    Throw a kickass party on wednesday
    Eat thanksgiving dinner (duh)
    Do all of my bike routes
    Throw another kickass party… maybe… or maybe just a hangout thingy.

    Then I suppose I could work on some homework, if I have any. Actually… I should work on getting an internship.

    So yeah. Also about the time thing… yeah. I’m a living example of that. You can do calculus to find the volume of a bowl but someone without a calculus background can use intuition to figure out about how much stuff to put into the bowl without even worrying about what the exact volume is.

    That was something we were programmed for. Time… ehhh… give it a little … time… bwah.

  2. Davum said

    yeeeeeeeeahhhh. Definitely spelled wear wrong… 4th line down… plug that in there and that should remotely make sense.

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