Why I Don’t Like My Current Education

November 4, 2006

Go ahead and read this little gem before you get into my thoughts on the matter.

Well, it’s very simple, really: just like in high school, I don’t feel like I’m learning what I need to know in order to succeed in the world. For example, I’d really LOVE to start doing research in nanotech or biomimetics right now. I’d love to have a class on it. Or to be put in touch with people working in the field so I can get some sort of idea about what I should be doing with my education. Take class A, worry about program B, don’t worry so much about this or that. I’d love to have that.

Sure, I know, traditional education is how all those people I want to talk to got where they are today. And sure, I know, I’m just in the first semester of my first year of college. I shouldn’t expect it to all start flying together. Specialization is a joke. And you don’t know the punchline. So shut up.

Yeah, I know this. But it can’t keep me from feeling that “I’m wasting my life” queasiness in the pit of my stomach. I know, I shouldn’t start feeling like I”m wasting my life yet: I’m only 19. But when you read about all the 21 year olds that are out there doing things, big things, in the world, the excuse “Oh, but they’re 21!” starts to sound really hollow. That’s 2 years. Can you be where they are today in two years?

And that’s the question I’ve got to start asking myself. I’m going to have to take this sort of thing into my own hands. It’s up to me to find these people, get in contact with them, and see what happens. It’s up to me to decide if where I’m going to school is really the place to be for the ambitions I have.

The wonders of young adulthood. You find out for the first time what’s been true all along: it’s all up to me.

A lot of this is just me blowing steam. But I really do worry. I have this nagging desire to be Great. Or as Seth Godin puts it, Remarkable. And I’m not feeling it yet.
But I’m still young. And I still do have time. So stop comparing yourself to other people. And start being creative.



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