Simply Beautiful

November 5, 2006


One Response to “Simply Beautiful”

  1. Dave in the West said

    That was a pretty sweet video. Got me thinking a little.
    So did your last entry, too. Even though my education is pretty good, its still the intuition that gets you through the day. I think there is a science to why they’re teaching us what they are. People who get co-op jobs come back to realize exactly why they’re learning what they’re learning.

    In order to develop intuition, the first step is to learn theory. To learn the language. I strongly disagree with portions of that person’s blog. I mean… yeah, you must be creative to be an engineer. You have to be able to think of unique solutions by using some sort of ungraspable and unteachable thinking. But there are aspects of engineering that can be taught. Perhaps not the most important, but it is their best weapon. They can teach you how to talk about engineering. If you talk about something enough, you tend to understand where it’s coming from a little better. If you can’t even talk about something, then how much are you going to know about it?

    You’re not learning subject matter, you’re learning how to learn. Once you know how to learn, then you are ready for the job. School can’t tell you how to perform the exact job that’s needed. That’s what your employer is for. Or your intuition if you’re going to run your own business. If they’re telling you how to call your own shots, that means that they can’t tell you how to do something, they have to tell you how to figure out how to do something.

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