November 7, 2006

[If we don’t avert the coming energy crisis,] we’re going to be back in the Middle Ages… and we’re basically going to see a reduction of the world population by about 70%.

Ken Wilber

If KW mentions peak oil, I’m a little worried. I wondered how long I’d have to wait before this topic reached the radar of the Integral scene. He paints a pretty bleak picture (you can check out the whole dialogue here [first month subscription is free]), but he also offers a glimmer of hope. And this is why I wanted to be a chemistry major: to save the world from pending doom.



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  1. Dave in the West said

    lol, icky.
    Like, I know that eventually we’ll hit peak oil, but its not going to be for another couple hundred years. We should have nuclear energy going strong by then. But yeah, I suppose that the way he phrased it is technically correct. If no solution, then no society. But a solution is almost inevitable, especially since millions of people should be somewhat snapping to action and realizing, hey… something’s going to happen if we don’t do anything!

    It’s kind of interesting looking at this from an engineer’s perspective rather than a self-interested survivor person. Although, part of me does want to see this happen. The paradox is that I have to do everything in my power to stop it, but realize in my subconscience that this may be inevitable.

    Although… engineers don’t typically make excuses, lol. If I can’t find a solution, then its still my fault. It may have been impossible, but it’s still our fault. How fair is that, lol.

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