November 16, 2006

Why would God bless America before HE (ha) would bless IRAQ or the SUDAN? Is it because we are the chosen? Does God prefer us? So can we only think of a God that is as prejudice as we are? Fuck that! It is 2006 and Native Americans STILL live on reservations, poor people STILL struggle for decent housing and education, Palestinians STILL live in refugee camps, on their own fucking land. Does our God not care about them? Or is it truly that WE don’t care about them and don’t have the time to fashion a God that does? We are Godless hypocrites on the threshold of damnation. No, not hell, simply America and the lands of our chosen allies. . Will we sit back and let our leaders pass Patriot Acts and torture bills in a fancy language that dresses up murder, thievery and torture in some high-gloss attire forcing the innocent down planks and runways at gunpoint while our children fight to audition to be America’s next Top Model?

– Saul Williams, from “God’s just a baby and her diaper is wet”


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  1. Ed A. said

    Bah you need to start titling your quotes again…

    Can’t browse forward to them, gotta go thru RSS (or some other way).

    Slacker ;)

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