A New Day, A New Blogging Tool

November 19, 2006

No Exit-3I’m really, honest to god, planning on making this blog something worth reading again. Not because I want more readers. If you don’t make something worth reading without the readers, then you don’t really have a product. No, I’m going to make it worth reading because then it’ll be worth writing. And if it’s worth writing, then, heck, I’ll actually want to write it.
And I need to do things worth doing. Otherwise, I’ll fall into the quagmire of life that is mediocrity. I already felt myself sinking in over the past few days. Not that there’s anything wrong with surfing the web for hours or playing Halo until your eyes glaze over. But, hey, at least balance that out with something creative and/or productive.

So, a new day has dawned. And that makes me happy.

I’ll be seeing everyone very soon, but until then:



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