More aggression (ha, not really)…

November 19, 2006

Man, I’m just on a kick today! I don’t know if this will keep up for much longer, but I might as well ride the fire eagle (danger day).

I don’t really have anything to say. But I have 3/4 of an hour to kill before my next scheduled thingamajob (a fun fun Calc lab that I’m 90% done). Unfortunately, the last 10% is a real bitch. Dumb bitch things.

Hm, man, I really don’t have anything to say. I guess I’m “getting out my aggression” on the blank page. For all the world to see. Kind of dumb, really. I might want to do this in private. But I feel like I’ve posted so little of any good content, I should just post anything.

Hm, and that’s the definition of mediocrity. Oh, but a little humor for you!

Irony Of Curtis Dorm1

Irony Of Curtus Dorm2

This is a picture of the front of my dorm. I don’t know if you can read that (actually, I know you can’t), but it says “The Cyrus H.K. Dormitory for Men.” And women live there. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

You see, the joke is that both men and women live in there now!

Wow, maybe I need vacation a little more than I think if I feel that’s humorous.

Peace out! And namaste.


2 Responses to “More aggression (ha, not really)…”

  1. Davum said

    Actually, I can’t read what it says, lol.

    The link is broken.

  2. Davum said

    Hey Dave… I got a song for you. Check it out on my myspace. You won’t be disappointed, lol..

    Actually, you probably will, but that’s ok. I think you should know something about me. I’ve changed my selection a bit.

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