More stupid high-school-esque events…

November 19, 2006

Tonight we showed you how to worry; tomorrow we will show you how to care. Ursinus College has declared tomorrow a Remembrance Day for all those who have lost their lives because they did not drink responsibly. Student leaders on campus will be dressed representing those we have lost by dressing in all black and painting their faces. Since they represent the dead they will not be talking, they are gone from our lives.

– From Ursinus E-Mail

Gag. It’s just like that SADD event (“There will be a sad meeting today.” Oh, the memories!) at high school for people killed in drunk driving events (a person dies ever two point five times pi divided by Euler’s number seconds… uh, there goes another). But this one’s even MORE dumb. People that drink to the point of dying. Well, I’ll be compassionate here and say that they, um, well, died in a way that, um, is, uh, pretty close to, er, suicide.

I know, I don’t have a heart (man’s it’s been two years since I’ve heard that statement; nice to know I haven’t changed! ;) ). But come on? Victim-hood is so 20th century.



One Response to “More stupid high-school-esque events…”

  1. Davum said

    Who’s complaining. It’s evolution in the works.

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