Why do we hate?

November 19, 2006

I was just browsing through Facebook (why are you looking at me like that?! I’m not addicted?! You do it too!? Don’t judge me!?!?!?! :) ) and came across the group “Turkey Bowl Cheering Section #2 – 2006 Chi Rat Haters.” Nice. Even better is one of their discussion board threads: Fuck Chi. Admittedly, I added the proper capitalization. :)

Now, I’m not saying what they’re doing is wrong. Sure, the rivalry between Chi and the Valley has been going on for a long time. We don’t really know why. Something to do with the Hatfields and the McCoys, I think.

The really silly thing is that the group seems to have been made by graduates of the Valley. In other words, they’re not even Sun Valley students anymore. They’ve all gone away to college. But yet they still feel the urge to feel deeply associated to their school, and more specifically, their football team. Kind of silly.

Of course I’m sure if I spent just a few minutes of my time trying to, I’d come across a few groups made my Chi grads saying something to the affect of “Fuck you, Sun Valley.” Yeah, that’s dumb too. So, in the name of not disliking anyone from Chi, I’m not going to do that browsing. Ignorance is bliss.

Sure, this is all just aggression being expressed in a healthy way. But it might be better if the aggression just didn’t surface.

So much for a one world government. We can’t even have a one county school district.

All that said, I’ll still show up at the Turkey Bowl, cheer for Chi, and try to make as little of a fool of myself as possible.

Hypocrisy? Maybe. But it’s tradition.



2 Responses to “Why do we hate?”

  1. Ed A. said


    On seeing the title in my RSS reader, I expected this to be some long drawn out treatise on agression and all that fun stuff.

    Instead I find “Fuck Chi” and Facebook, hahaha.

    Dave, you’re becoming more and more like a regular ol’ college student =)

  2. Davum said

    lol, actually, there is. its called Fuck Scum Valley. I was invited by Steve Hartman but I declined because I have a lot of friends there.

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