Want to feel depressed for just a moment…

November 21, 2006

Go to the PGSS 2005 Facebook group and look at all the colleges they’re going to.

Ah, good old Ivy Leagues.

I’m not really depressed about this, but when you see all those Harvard’s, Yale’s, MIT’s and Cornell’s, you can’t help but wonder if maybe you should have applied to one of them.

No point in wondering about it now. I probably wouldn’t have gotten into any of them. And besides, then El Principal would have gotten his way. And we can’t have that!

Plus it’s Thanksgiving Break! Time to go back to High School Town and reminisce about my past, not my future!




One Response to “Want to feel depressed for just a moment…”

  1. Ed A. said

    Indeed, haha.

    We have to try and keep Chi off the map, we don’t want any good light to come on it ;)

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