Look ma, I can make stuff up too!! (and get the BBC to talk about it like it’s really news…)

December 8, 2006

Apparently Americans aren’t the only people to give undue representation to pointless news (think Britney Spears and K-Fed on election day [gag]). Go ahead and read this story about how a professor in England proved that division by zero is possible by creating a new number, nullity.

Watch the video too, where he “proves it.”

I may not be a mathematician (though, interestingly, I’m considering double majoring in it now), but I’m sure some sort of sleight of hand occurred to make this trick work. My other goat to the first person to figure out the flaw. :)

And in the off chance that this idea does get proven (because the best ideas are first treated as absurd, then exalted, and finally treated as common sense), I apologize in advance. But it just seems too simple.


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