Nintendo?! Oh, I’ll show you Nintendo!

December 14, 2006

I played the first Mario game (you know, the one for the original Nintendo) today with my little neighbor. Man, fun times. Reminded me of this video from below:

This one’s thanks to Brian Sheridan. I think he showed it to me like… two summers ago. It blew me away then, and it still blows me away now. How many game songs can you identify?

I love YouTube.



2 Responses to “Nintendo?! Oh, I’ll show you Nintendo!”

  1. Dave in the West said

    Friggin sweet. You know what else I suggest from YouTube? Beavis and Butthead.

  2. Ed A. said

    That video is hereby rated EBF for Eight-Bit Funtasticness.

    Oh, and “Mortal Kommmmbat” and “Finish Him” is just a little bit of a give away for one of them, hahahaha.

    Oh, and Original Zelda ruled. I still have the cartridge… it was awesome, especially because it was shiny gold =)

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