More than a shell? Nah, not now…

January 5, 2007

Sometimes it’s more fun just to be an empty shell. Sometimes it’s more time to just be a receiver. To stop transmitting for a little while.

Sometimes life just doesn’t seem worth the effort to live. Sometimes it just seems easier to live life as it comes, one piece at a time.

And sometimes ‘sometimes’ become all the time. And then it doesn’t become okay. But that hasn’t happened yet. And maybe it never will. If we just let it all out, just stop trying so hard to make my life something that it’s not. Stop trying so hard to be more than I am. To be different than I am.

Linus Torvalds says that there must be something wrong with people that have to work hard to get things done. Life should just be a never-ending play. We are Homo ludens, after all. Maybe that’s not too far fetched. Going with the flow. Enjoying life. All that. Life shouldn’t be hard. Or at least, it shouldn’t be painful. If we make it all into a game, a flow game, then we’ll enjoy it all. And then we’ll understand what our “purpose” in life was.

To just feel good.

And now I know there’s nothing wrong with feeling good. Fuck hedonism. That doesn’t even compare. To this.

To us.



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