This is so wrong…

January 8, 2007

but yet so right.

I stumbled across this great video aggregator.

“Video aggregator” is my euphemism for “great collection of tons of movies.” Also a euphemism for “this is so illegal but it feels so good.”

They have Borat. They have V for Vendetta. Heck, they have all three Saw movies. This site is just amazing.

Our generation is so good at stealing things.

But hey, if you have to be good at something…

Random Thought / Suggestion of the Day:

If I had a preference, I think this should be the standard model for all distributing creative works. I say give the movies and TV shows away for free (they’re already doing that with TV shows), and then allow the viewer to donate money towards the show if they really like it.

I know, it would never work. But I like it. Kind of like subscription music services a la Rhapsody.

I think this may be the future. You saw it here first.

And if nothing else, I can continue my watching of V for Vendetta. While it lasts.


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