Day after tomorrow…

January 9, 2007

If you want a more bucolic version of the ecological future, consult a paleontologist. The paleontologists look further into the future to a time when the great evolutionary opportunities are not agricultural habitats, but are, instead, vast forests—to a time when the seas are again filled with large species—to a time when new large vertebrates roam new kinds of plains. They look forward in time to a world more interesting to us than our present evolutionary future. The paleontologists can do all this because they begin their discussions of future evolution with the statement, “once humans go extinct.”

~ Robert R. Dunn

Good point. It’s important to remember that global warming or no global warming, nuclear war or no nuclear war, if we commit planetary homicide (or suicide, depending on how you look at it), the earth will go on as if nothing happened.

A little humbling. And scary.


One Response to “Day after tomorrow…”

  1. Davum said


    Haha…… yeah, that’s a good-un. I don’t think we’ll go extinct, but I do believe that our society will go extinct. Briefly. One must remember that it doesn’t take that many people to build shit. We’d probably be up and running (whatever that means) in a few centuries.

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