A Trip Into the Trinity of Dave: Experimentation

January 24, 2007

And so it is. How about that. Life just keeps it coming.

What am I talking about? Three strange ideas I’ve had of late that have managed to work their way deep into my intercranial space and jar themselves around. Namely: (!) the method of experimentation in every day life, {??} the usefulness of talking to myself [or as I like to call it, internal monologue], and […] the three p’s of perfection: practice, practice, practice.

Okay, so these ideas may seem a little unrelated to you. But that’s clearly because you’re not me. And don’t have my brain. And therefore don’t have my mind. Which scatters these sorts of things together into some sort of über-theme that rings out throughout the symphony of my life.

But I digress. One at a time, now:

I’ve found that a lot of the improvements in my life have resulted from random chance modifying my daily routine, a modification that I then decide to keep because of its beneficial nature. Evolution of the mediocre? Maybe, but let me give you an important example. Have you ever tried to drink out of a water bottle? No?! Okay, well, just stick with me, then. You know how when you’re drinking out of a water bottle and you put the whole thing in your mouth [hehehe… “whole thing in your mouth”… hehehe…] and begin to suck [{you get the idea}], the bottle caves in on itself due to pressure differences caused by the sucking [] of air? And then when you stop drinking, the bottle makes that annoying pop sound announcing to the whole room that you’ve been drinking? How annoying!

Well, once I had a sore in the top lip of my mouth, and therefore that method of drinking was not viable. So, while messing around with ways of drinking to reduce pain, I found out that by placing the bottom of the bottle-top on my lower lip, and the top of the bottle-top under my upper lip, I could achieve the same imbibation without spilling OR popping. Brilliant! And all this thanks to a silly little mouth soar. I’ll never drink out of my water bottle the same way again!

So that (well, maybe not that) got me to thinking about my life as a whole. Most of the things I do today that put me ahead of the pack [like drinking out of my water bottle in the Dave Darmon Method©, or using a timer to push myself to do things, or using a drop down todo list to get this entry written] have resulted from random chance occurrences that stuck. Which got me thinking further [as you can see, a lot of thinking went into this post!] about whether or not I could intentionally go about mixing things up to see how else I could optimize my life! My life as an experiment. A pretty novel idea!

Think about it: how much of the things you do in your life are of conscious volition? How much of what you do every day did you DECIDE to do CONSCIOUSLY? Not much, right? At least, in my case, I find myself on autopilot, navigating the skies of my life as if they’re some sort of fixed object.

Why not mix things up?

Of course, mixing things up will lead to turbulence. It will lead to a bruised ego. And it may lead to everyone and no one thinking I’m a pure, utter, douche (why the f#&$ do you use military time / eat a vegan diet / use the European method of recording the date, etc?). But that’s something I’ll just have to deal with. Heck, I already do!

I don’t know what the first course of experimental action should be. I suppose it should be something relatively trivial that I can hone my abilities on. Like how I brush my teeth. Or maybe how I comb my hair. Or possibly how I dress myself in the morning. All viable options.

If anyone has a suggestion, feel free to shoot it over here.

And no, saying, “Jeese, Dave, you’re pretty [insert your insult here] does not count! :)

Part 1: Experimentation: A Trip into the Unknown
Part 2: Talking to My Self: Are You Talkin’ to Me?
Part 3: The 3 P’s: Practice, Practice, Practice, Pra….


2 Responses to “A Trip Into the Trinity of Dave: Experimentation”

  1. Davum said

    Sounds like my life in a nutshell. You just have to stick with the things that you start better. The key is keeping up with it even when you don’t feel like doing it anymore. It kinda sucks, lol.

  2. fadi420 said

    research microcurrents

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