Only from a master…

January 24, 2007

Yeah, so, us Chi kids can be funny.

But Ze Frank one ups us. He’s a master at the art of euphemism. And much more subtle…

Man, if only I could play with my Wii RIGHT NOW…



2 Responses to “Only from a master…”

  1. Davum said

    ZeFrank is the man.

  2. Ed A. said

    You want subtle? You want enough innuendo to fill a swimming pool?

    The greeks did it. Read Lysistrata by Aristophanes.

    Just to give you a little background on it… when performed, the actors wore giant phalluses. Oh, and in one ancient greek festival, they’d carry a massive phallus as part of the procession.

    Man those greeks were craaazy.

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