Empty the cup…

January 28, 2007

Of course your psyche is fractured and broken. Isn’t that the whole point of all this. That there is no whole, only a giant hole. And every step you take to try and fill that hole will only lead to wasted effort. Isn’t that all that this all is, a giant effort to try and do the impossible because we don’t quite get, in any way worth not(h)ing that this is impossible. That trying to fill up the hole left by our “soul” that doesn’t really exist only wastes efforts we might put towards something resembling what really is. Isn’t the greatest gag of all time that all our efforts towards making ourself more whole can only start to scratch the surface of that hole.


One Response to “Empty the cup…”

  1. Dave in the West said

    That’s a beautiful explanation of why I don’t think about that :)
    It’s more entertaining to pretend that my daily actions actually accomplish something.

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