Update on Joke

January 31, 2007

Clearly my joke didn’t get quite the reception I thought it would. I can think of two reasons for this: one, I botched the first section. It should be “The computer scienstist started,” not “The mathematician started.” Kind of kills the whole “zero and one” part.

My second guess is that the two negative comments come from engineers, and clearly engineers turn up looking the best in this joke. :) I’m just kidding, you guys. You know I love you!


I hope you all enjoy your sleep-y time. I might forego that tonight. Why not, right?


One Response to “Update on Joke”

  1. Ed A. said


    Yeah, it makes MUCH more sense and is actually funny when you say it right ;)

    And hey, in Physics Lab the other day I managed to get 24% error when calculating g (the accel due to grav). Yep. It’s now 11 m/s^2 .

    But we we’re using some wacky lame equipment to do it, so I blame that.

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