Inside the Cell: REALLY Cool Video

February 1, 2007

Remember back to that 10th grade health video with all the flying robots in our “body.”

Yeah, this isn’t that.

Check out this REALLY cool molecular biology video.

Dude, if that doesn’t make you just say “woah!” then I’m pretty sure you’re dead!

If you want to know all the science behind the video, check out this full length version with all the commentary you could ever need (minus the sweet soundtrack).

Man, if I weren’t so staunchly set on becoming a nanotechnologist [laugh], this might persuade me to go into biochemistry.

Science. It’s where it’s at. I really don’t get how someone can think that science is boring. Science IS everything. And EVERYTHING’S interesting.


4 Responses to “Inside the Cell: REALLY Cool Video”

  1. Dave in the West said

    That was pretty sweet. I especially liked the translation. That was pretty cool being able to see that in action.

  2. Mrs. O said

    Very cool, I also liked the translation but my favorite was the cytoskeletal formation and the dynein “walking” the vesicles to the PM. (of course since my research is on exocytosis I guess I’m partial). I actually went to a talk today by this woman who is revolutionizing fluorescence microscopy. She and a bunch of collaborators have figured out a way to get fluorescence images of cells at around the same resolution as electron microscopy. It’s really cool, here’s a link to a news story…

    Also she has some cool “real” movies of cells on her website…
    Check out movie #8, she bleached the fluorescence on the cytoplasm, then watched over time- you can see the vesicles budding from the Golgi and traveling to the PM.

  3. Ed A. said

    Hey. I’ve seen that before. At least hte part with the walking thingie carrying the big_ol_ball_o_water and a couple other parts. Didn’t Mr. Hagan show us something like that?

    But we are so amazingly complex. Our craziest computer software and circuits don’t even come close to the level of complexity of US.

    That’s something that can lead to a heckuva lot of deeeep thinking.

  4. Brett said

    Hey, I haven’t read your blog in forever. Kind of ironic since I live in the same room as you. Anyway, I just wanted to say that the cell video is extremely cool even though I told you that when you showed it to me. That is why I like Biology. Enough said.

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