Why do we sleep? A neat-o idea

February 1, 2007

One guest below has suggested that sleep may well be the ‘default’ mode of life, and that being awake is little more than a period of heightened awareness of one’s surrounding which is especially suited to doing things like finding food and reproducing. Indeed, the question “Why do we wake up” makes much more sense. It’s an easily answerable question, too. For one thing, the body’s metabolic system shifts into the catabolic phase. The body’s cells are tearing themselves down in support of the body’s need for energy to be mobile, to obtain food and to procreate. It’s something that the body can only tolerate for a matter of several hours. Then the body must revert to it’s ‘default’ mode of sleep, the anabolic phase when damage is repaired, growth can take place and the body’s heightened immuned defenses intensify their battle against the foreign organisms and viruses that have invaded the animal.

– From the Big Question Wiki, Why do we sleep?

Admittedly, that’s pretty much pure speculation. But if nothing else, it’s a pretty nifty metaphor.

And explains why I enjoy sleeping so much.



2 Responses to “Why do we sleep? A neat-o idea”

  1. Ed A. said

    Sounds good. Does that mean I’m better than most folks at being normal, since I tend to be in my “normal” state for more time? ;)

  2. Dave in the West said

    Fuck normalcy…. I enjoy holding my breath.

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