A(nother) Blog is Born

February 3, 2007

No no no, don’t worry. I didn’t make another one. Though I am seriously considering having two separate blogs. Because looking through the past month or so of this blog, I can’t help but notice I have little more than an aggregation of quotations, song lyrics, videos, and sites. Now, I love that and I plan to keep it up. But I also feel that maybe I should separate that flack from the more personal writing I do “on the side.”

Who knows, maybe “Ruminations” will be reborn. :)

Oh, yeah. What I started this off for! My buddy Brett wanted me to give a shout out to the blogosphere that he’s up and posting. So I’m going to pop his link cherry: go over to Stuff and check it out. I know I’m adding it to my RSS reader!


PS – I’ll leave it up to someone else to pop his comment cherry. I don’t want to take all the digital deflowering pleasure!


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