No Big Bang? Thank GOD!

February 6, 2007

This is a pretty sweet theory. It basically says that the universe keeps cycling and then starts, black holes, etc. eventually blows up into even more universes. So, we’re just the child of so many other universes.

Okay, so, um, I did a pretty bad job of explaining that. But I”m not feeling on top of my game right now. Suffering from some “existential angst” [sounds so much better than ’emo,’ huh?]. So, don’t expect much effort.

But what you can expect is some kick-ass stuff in astronomy in the coming years. And in every other branch of science for that matter.

I like the cyclic universe theory. I mean, it’s WAY cooler than the Judeo-Christian idea of a universe that goes from point A to point B and stops. Lame!

This theory: not so lame. Reincarnation, anyone? Constantly!



One Response to “No Big Bang? Thank GOD!”

  1. Ed A. said


    But then if you ask me you still have to go back to a something of very low (“0”) entropy IMHO.

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