An atheist rapper? This shit is hawt!!!

February 7, 2007

Check out the Compton Effect. And listen to some of the music. It’s some really good stuff. Well, if you’re an atheist. Or open minded.

Plus, half the fun is figuring out what all the formulas in the background are!

I hope to find more music like this. I could totally dig this, even though I tend not to like rap. I’ll add Greydon Square to Blackalicious and Saul Williams in my Good Rappers Hall of Fame.

Here’s a sample of one of his songs, Pandora’s Box:

Don’t hate me cause im atheist…
Hate me cause I tell the truth which by default makes me atheist
You’ve been spoon fed belief and you don’t even see it
You just absorbed the religion that’s native to your region
You can’t believe it so you won’t believe it
Because the church has taught you that faith belongs in the place of reason
You have 2 sects spawned from Judaism
A regime that might as well have Uday and Kusay with ’em
With Saddam in the middle clutchin’ a bomb
Telling you he’s gonna use it if you don’t touch the Qur’an
With a sister regime to me that’s equally obscene
That threatens you with burning hell if you don’t feed the machine
‘Cause if the Bible was written by man, and man is flawed
Then what does that say about the bible or Gawd?
And if that same book was written by a man who wasn’t trustworthy
What does that say about the book? Ya heard me?

Rap on, brother!


One Response to “An atheist rapper? This shit is hawt!!!”

  1. ITTNTB said

    holy shit, i mean i never thought there would be an atheist rapper out there, but ill check him out

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