February 7, 2007

I feel like such an evangelical for Apple, Inc. these days. Spreading the good news. And it is good news. But no one wants to hear it. They’re all so set in their ways with their beige boxes running their sub par operating systems. “Ew, Apple? Don’t they make those toilet seat laptops and that weird little music player?”

Yeah, that’s us. But at least I can sympathize with the crazies a little more. Maybe Apple has brainwashed me. But as long as I get a superior product, I honestly don’t care.



One Response to “Apple-gelical”

  1. Mrs. O said

    Don’t give up, I think slowly Apple is winning people over. This past summer I would have never thought of getting a Mac, and now I love my Macbook! (I think Kevin is even thinking of getting a Mac for his next computer).

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