More Crazy Religion Goodness

February 11, 2007

Well, if you’ve had enough time to calm down from my last Christian Video posting, have I got another one for you!

Check out these crazy Fundies teaching their kids about the ‘lie of evolution.’

I have to say, I just love this. Dinosaurs and humans together? Why not! If Job said so, it must be true!

Though my personal favorite is all the “punk” kids at the very end. Can you say WORST NONCONFORMISTS EVER.


But just as proof that all Christians aren’t bad [in fact, probably most aren’t], here’s Chris Hedges on the Colbert Report, explaining the pure craziness of the religious right.

Thank you, sir.

Have a great SUNday! Oh, pagan-days. I can’t wait for Mo(o)nday. And then Th(o)ursday. And best of all, W(odin)sday.

Oh Germanic, Germanic rooted English. :)



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