Mojo the Induction Monkey

February 12, 2007

That’s right, boys and girls. We’re learning about induction in Discrete Math. And you know what that means?!

Mojo the Induction Monkey!

Though, well, we didn’t learn it that way here. My teacher used the example of dominoes. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

Mine’s kept afloat by Mojo.

[Okay, okay, only one other person has the slightest idea what I’m talking about. But please humor us as we look back on our past. :) ]


2 Responses to “Mojo the Induction Monkey”

  1. Davum said

    Hope it’s not me, cuz I have no idea.

    A few comments on the last few entries… since I’ve been busier than fuck… depending on how busy a fuck is, but that’s besides the point.

    About the christian one, I’m starting to realize how 80% of America is brainwashed. I mean, I know if that was me in that presentation… well, actually let me think about this one real hard. I think I would just get really sad because I liked dinosaurs. It’s kinda the jist of how I felt at church. I always felt sad or miserable because I just didn’t care about what happened like 2000 years ago, because that’s always what they talked about, and I hated history. Then I just started looking for an excuse to not believe it.

    So anyway, I never really explained why they could be brainwashed. I mean, just look at those children. They were talking to that guy like he was their cool dad or something. Every child wants to advocate what they believe to make the adults happy… ignorant of whether or not they are right, but knowledgible enough to know that adults have the upper hand and should be respected. Thus, fights could break out over kids who don’t believe what they believe just because of the way that they were taught. “Don’t believe anyone else but me, everyone else is wrong. The bible is always right because it is the word of God.”

    The second video just made my day, though. It’s nice to see someone with sense, even if he is christian. The best kind of people keep things simple and general. I, myself follow the “religion” called caring about life. I follow certain rules to honor this existance, no matter who or what gave it to me, because there is no way to know for certain.

    That’s all I wanted to say, other than keep up the good work.

  2. Ed A. said

    Hey, awesome! Go Mojo the induction monkey! Keep climbing that ladder…

    … while I tag a big swig of soda from a 2-litre bottle and go and tell you that the encryption method we all use to protect ourselves is broken and that math is based on a non-definition.

    RAH. I am Mackey.

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