As further proof that YouTube rocks

February 21, 2007

Okay, so, this is amazing. Admittedly, this may make you blow 30 minutes of your time. But the sheer AMAZINGNESS of these clips make it all worthwhile. has a top 6 list of “machinima” videos from YouTube. Think of machinima as dubbing video game footage. I’m sure you may have seen the WoW video about how the internet is for porn, but that’s nothing. I mean, yeah, it’s humorous, but it’s got nothing on some of these other ones.

You can look at the list for yourself. But my two personal favorites are the two music videos done to SIMS 2 gameplay. Here’s the one that got direct mention from Slate:

It’s Sk8r Boi by you know who. Okay, so, it’s like a proto-emo song. But it brings back memories of middle school [no, not regarding me, but regarding a certain skater boy that I knew who got shafted by a certain dancer I knew [okay, so, yeah, I guess I did have friends in middle school…]]. Plus, the dubbing is just amazing.

Equally amazing is this rendition of Cleaning Out My Closet by Eminem. Dude, the things these people do.

So, some people might see this as a giant waste of time. I see it as the next form of artistic expression.

Admittedly, this is coming from the guy who just wants to go up in lights sometime in the next 20 years [more on that later!].

Funny how as the information economy continues to evolve, what we want comes more and more from the amateurs.

YouTube, I bow to you.


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