March 3, 2007

01 Ayeaye

Say hello to the aye-aye. According to this columnist, this little guy epitomizes ugliness.

Okay, maybe he’s right.

But only until you see it in action.

Dude, the things got a little E.T. finger for scooping out bugs?!?! That’s just plain COOL. And look at how hard it works to get those bugs out of the tree. That, my friend, is determination.

I don’t know. I have a tendency to think that evolution stands as one of the coolest theories to come out of human understanding in recent [i.e., the past thousand] history. God doesn’t even compare. I don’t even see what the PR battle is all about… In a battle of coolness, the victor is clear.

So, enjoy this example of evolution in action. And say a [non-denominational] prayer for this little guy. He’s going extinct because of, you guessed it!, us humans.



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