Pleasure or Bust

March 8, 2007

If you missed the morning paper here in Delaware County, then you missed out on this doozie from the front page: Lower Chi Drug Bust, Undercover police operation nets 18 alleged dealers.

Congratulations. No, really. I mean, they got tons of drugs [like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, and, get this, morphine!] off the streets. And managed to put Chi on the front page of the paper again. Any publicity is good publicity!

Okay, so here’s my gripe. It costs $20 MINIMUM to get marijuana according to this article. That’s crazy! We should legalize drugs if for no other reason than to allow the Free Market to reduce that price. I mean, you get can a 18 pack of beer for 10 dollars [according to my random perusing online]. That means it costs TWO TIMES as much to buy marijuana! That’s madness.

Okay, so the free market argument is only half a joke. But seriously, I mean, that would reduce the price of drugs like woah. And it would make them cleaner [who wants marijuana laced with PCP and other crap? I can see it now: 100% organic marijuana, locally grown!]. And yes, I still hold that marijuana doesn’t cause cancer. No matter how much you ‘scientists’ try to disprove me!

Talking to a friend recently, I mused that hopefully someday soon we’ll live in a society with legalized drugs and prostitution. And if we’re lucky, socialized medicine. And then I realized I could just move to Europe…

Everyone has a drug. For most people, it’s television. For others, it’s beer. Others, cigarettes1. My personal drug of choice is information. Lucky for me I live in a time and a place that puts a great deal of respect into that drug trade [good thing I don’t live in the Dark Ages… or in Russia…].

Everyone has a drug. We all want to numb the pain of living. I guess some people get their personal kicks by preventing others from getting there’s. ‘Pleasure! Those people are HAPPY! My God [literally, their anthropomorphic god], we can’t have that! Call the police!”

Years from now, in my imagined paradise of hippie love-monsters that eat vegan and smoke marijuana, my children’s children [adopted, of course… hard to have children without a wife!] will look back on us and think very hard about what’s wrong in our heads. In much the same way we wonder why people used to drill holes into peoples heads to let the spirits out.

Hopefully they’ll read this and see that some of us were [slightly] sane.


PS – Yeah, I know, I overly simplified the whole socio-economic implications of the drug trade. In fact, I’d say my oversimplifications gloss over how the [illegal] drug trade ruins South American countries. But that’s for you to decide.

1 Okay, don’t even get me started on the hypocrisy of THAT. Beer, which in sufficient amounts totally KILLS your liver, is okay. And cigarettes, which have no better effect than making you look cool and calming your nerves, but DEFINITELY lead to cancer, those are okay. But marijuana, which doesn’t hurt your liver, relaxes your nerves [less stress = better health (THAT’S science!)], and at worst makes you want to fall asleep, now that’s the Devil’s invention! WTF. STFU, newb!


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