Parody? Who Needs It!

March 11, 2007

Hm, funny what kind of mood a little snooping through the bible tracts can put you in. Remember them? From 11th grade? Okay, if not, here’s a quick peak at one: Was Your Life.

I mean, I would parody it: look at the naked angels… God sure does look a lot like Mysterio… It’s only 4 easy steps to salvation? But, come on, does it really need it?

I think I might but the 15 dollar set of these just to post them all online. That’s probably all sorts of illegal. But hey, I’m a rebel.

But remember:

The cruel truth is that when you become a rebel against authority, such as the hippies were, you become an EXPERT in the art of destruction (II Peter 2:9-15). A life committed to destroying is difficult to reverse. Thus, hippies know how to destroy buildings which were built by others. But they cannot build anything in a productive manner that improves on what they destroyed.

All that destruction that progressives have been doing… Like, well, making progress?

Though it turns out that Catholics are going to hell too… So even if I did have my old ‘faith’ still, I’d be screwed.

And God knows Buddhists don’t get into heaven!

It’s a tough world.



2 Responses to “Parody? Who Needs It!”

  1. Dave in the West said

    rip their pants open and fuck them in the ass.

  2. Ed A. said

    Wow, the bible mentions hippies?

    Damn, that God dude must have like super-mega-futuro-vision…


    Couldn’t resist =)

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