Wait for it… It’s an Atheist!

March 15, 2007

Wow, we finally have an [admitted] atheist in a higher office! Representative Pete Stark of California openly admitted to not believing in a higher power.

It’s almost sad that I should even have to post about that. Almost as sad as the fact that one of the top brass in the US military still thinks that being gay is “immoral.” 

God bless America. Sigh.

Godless America!  :)

PS – Stark is a Unitarian Universalist. In other words, he’s atheist-lite. But I guess we have to start somewhere. And by we, I don’t mean atheists. I mean a society that still believes that being gay is immoral, that Jesus is going to pop his head in any day now, and that the earth is, quite literally, 6000 years old.


One Response to “Wait for it… It’s an Atheist!”

  1. Dave in the West said


    Wow. Sounds as if it was an accomplishment. How discusting.
    I hate Americans.

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