The Ultimate ‘Just in Case’

March 21, 2007

A question for you, the Bodyhack readers: Are you aware of any projects that are working on a project to “reboot evolution” in the event of such a catastrophe?

I seem to recall, but cannot find, a reference to one scientist who created RNA from inorganic compounds. Priming a few locations around the planet with ingredients that could form RNA in the event of a disaster that destroys all organic life may help preserve our species.

~ from The Last Great Experiment

What a novel idea. I wouldn’t have thought of that. But it seems like a pretty good call in ensuring that some sort of life will continue on this planet. Though, in all honesty, it probably will anyway.

But you can never be too careful.


One Response to “The Ultimate ‘Just in Case’”

  1. Dave in the West said

    Yeah, that’s pretty neat. I just… eh. I don’t think that it was that easy.

    You can’t deny that the evolution of any type of digestive/reproductive system was an amazing feat. You know what’s funny though? Does it really matter if stuff lives after us? We are nothing after we’re dead, and the universe doesn’t care if there’s no life. In fact, there hasn’t been life for a very long time. Kinda raises some interesting questions.

    Try imagining that the universe wasn’t designed specifically with life in mind. A long continuum of darkness that isn’t aware of itself. Just useless crap floating in space for an eternity. Scary huh?

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