The Fundies Get Some Edumacation

March 23, 2007

You just have to see this. Wikipedia’s ugly half brother: Conservapedia.

You heard it here first. The [stupid] Conservatives [to distinguish them from the intelligent conservatives such as George Will, Andrew Sullivan, etc.] have made their very own Encyclopedia. And they came up with the ever so witty name ‘Conservapedia’ [how long do you figure it took them to come up with that?].

Here’s a sample of their material. First, an article about the Earth. Yes folks, the Earth is flat. It has to be for the Bible to be true [hm… what does that tell us about the Bible?]

And Ann Coulter is the anti-anti-Christ. All hail Ann Coulter.

Oh yeah, and you have to check out the article on Evolution. Those ‘young earth creationist scientists,’ they’re a fun bunch [I bet you never expected to see those words together in a single noun combination…].

I really couldn’t make this stuff up. But that’s half the fun of development. I can’t make it up, so you let someone else make it up, and then you get to look at it and say, ‘Man, I used to BELIEVE that.’

And then you wonder why it is that we haven’t all blown ourselves up yet.

Hm. I’m don’t really know where all that vehemence came from. I’m actually in a pretty good mood right now. Must be all the endorphins from running. Fuck it or fight it, right? God bless our primitive brain, which, by the way, came from evolution. 1)


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