March 29, 2007

Try to remember. If only for a moment. Try to remember what it feels like to be completely free.

Do you remember? Can you feel how it feels? Does it ring any bells?

Does it really matter if you can/not remember? In the end, we all just live our lives on constant rewind. We forget what happened before so that we can live it again. Maybe this time it will be different. Maybe this time it will all make so much more sense.

But we take the same false steps. Make all the same wrong moves. And we wind up right in front of the VCR. Again.

Everyone’s just a giant conglomerate of habits and conditioning. That’s all. The difference between you and the street bum? Conditioning. Between you and the billionaire? Conditioning.

Forget all this. You don’t have a choice. You never did.

~ 8 March 2007


One Response to “”

  1. Davum said

    Wait… you said that?

    That’s a pretty good way of looking at it.

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