Some thoughts on thinking [about thinking]

April 1, 2007

Howdy all. I really feel like I should post something. Mainly because there has been such a dearth of posting. So I suppose even posting about my dearth of posting might come in handy.

A lot of topics are bumping around in my little meat-computer right now. A sampling includes: genius, conditioning, conditioning leading to genius, how much of my time I waste, whether or not my life so far has been a waste [okay, that one is more of a “Shit, I haven’t done anything today” sort of phenomenon, very rare {thank GOD I’m not emo!}], what a better use of my time might be, how much more/less I should be studying, why I have such an aversion to studying the topics in my classes as opposed to, say, nuclear vs. hydrogen bombs, and numerous other little nick, nack, paddywack, give a dog a bones.

I should be writing more. Here and elsewhere. But I’ve been anal retentive about my time [okay, more so than usual, because I’m always anal retentive about my time]. And that didn’t really work out that well this weekend. I ended up getting a lot less done than I would have liked to and feeling like crap doing it. I wouldn’t have cared so much about the not getting stuff done if I was having a good time doing it!

Though this afternoon was a saving grace. And last afternoon for that matter. Being out and about with friends and family really helps me get over myself. Because as I explained to a good friend [yes, THAT good friend], I often try to think about myself as “special.” As somehow “deeper” than everyone else. With more “problems.” What a bunch of bull. I’ve just opened myself up for derision by anyone that reads this blog, but I would probably deserve it.

Apparently our generation is overly narcissistic. I believe it. I suffer from the same mental constipation.

Hm, well, this turned out better than I might have hoped. Now I’m off to bed, hoping that some combination of sleep, exercise, and actually getting my work done will do wonders for my mood. It’s worked in the past. Why not now?

I hope everyone enjoys their week. Only a few more left. And then we’re no longer frosh.

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