A Little Non-Denominational Weekend Food for Thought

April 6, 2007

Sam Harris, in my mind a brilliant exponent of the scientific worldview, goes head to head with Rick Warren.

Just in case you don’t want to waste your time, let me summarize the argument for you.

Warren: Blah blah blah. Jesus blah blah Judgment Day. Blah blah word of God. Blah blah no evolution.

Harris: [Bangs head repeatedly against wall].

Now I’d just like you to keep in mind that Rick Warren has sold over 24 million copies of his book The Purpose Driven Life.


I’m just going to keep crossing my fingers and hope [pray?] that my generation will grow up a bit faster than the last.

One Response to “A Little Non-Denominational Weekend Food for Thought”

  1. Hi:

    Got your url via Goggle Alerts. Thought you might be interested in my new book, “The Scientific Worldview: Beyond Newton and Einstein” (www.thescientificworldview.com). It is sort of an advanced follow-up on Harris.


    Glenn Borchardt, Ph.D.
    Progressive Science Institute
    P.O. Box 5335

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