April 13, 2007

It’s a good time for nanotech! And that makes me very happy.

First, check out this cool video about the concepts of nanotech. One of the cooler parts [okay, maybe only cool for chemistry nerds] shows how the color of silicon changes based on how large the crystal matrix of the silicon atoms is. Note to self: stained glass is nanotech? Sweet! [And you can turn gold pink if you change the crystal size; interesting…]

It also must be a good week for UC Berkley (can anyone say future graduate school?): they apparently discovered that our model of photosynthesis is wack [kind of inconvenient since I have a test on that coming up Tuesday]. When the electrons are captured by photosystem II, the energy is apparently transferred in more of a wave-rippling-through-a-pond mechanism than a pebble-jumping-on-the-pond fashion. Go figure. Maybe not too much of a breakthrough. But it basically makes my Cell Bio book obsolete [again.]

Just thought I’d share some things going on in the wide-world of science. [Not to be confused with O Chem today, where Dr. T nearly made me reconsider this whole chemistry major thing].


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