May 9, 2007

If you took organic chemistry in college, you’ve experienced the dip. Academia doesn’t want too many unmotivated people to attempt medical school, so they set up a screen. Organic chemistry is the killer class, the screen that separates the doctors from the psychologists. If you can’t handle organic chemistry, well, then you can’t go to med school.

~ From The Dip by Seth Godin

Really? Huh. I guess a lot of people do have trouble with organic. I know that I did. In the beginning. Before I figured out the rules. Then it all just made sense.

Maybe I should consider med school. Oh, wait! Blood. And dealing with people.

Never mind.



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  1. Dave in the West said

    Heh… yeah. First of all, that’s the kind of thing that you’re good at. Knowing rules and conventions. So naturally, you’re going to feel that people are just stupid. The same way that I feel people who don’t get math are stupid. But yeah… you’re just that good, Dave, give yourself a nice pat on the back. And congrats on yet another successful semester.

    Btw… the grades are in… :( …… 2.6 for the semester, but 3.06 cumulative. It’s amazing how bad one letter can affect your gpa. And not studying for a final. At all.

    Fucking final was like 50% composed of the last chapter, which I neglected to read. That’s just asking for assrape.

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